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An anthropologist with years of experience in education, museums, research, and evaluation, I’m ready to help you with all of your research needs.

Dr. Lindsay Barone


A trained anthropologist and experienced evaluator, I’ve spent my career using different approaches to understanding STEM education. I’m especially interested in building STEM literacy in children and adults, evolution acceptance, and informal education. I’ve evaluated a number of NSF and NIH-funded projects, and am an experienced writer, editor, and educator.

Email me: lindsay[at]baroneresearch.com

Photo credit: Sue Lauter, CSHL DNALC

Select Publications

2019 Tello-Ruiz, M.K., Marco, C.F., Hsu, F., [et al., including Barone, L.M.]. Double triage to identify poorly annotated genes in maize: The missing link in community curation. PLoS One 14(10): e0224086.

2019 Barone, L.M. Bringing creation to a museum near you. In: Fewkes, J, editor. Anthropological perspectives on the religious uses of mobile apps. Palgrave Macmillan.

2019 Barone, L. “Computing biology’s future.” Scientific American Observations blog.  

2018 Wilson Sayres, M.A., Hauser, C., Sierk, M, Robic, S., [et al., including Barone, L.M]. Bioinformatics core competencies for undergraduate life sciences education. PLoS One 13(6): e0196878.

2018 Williams, J. and Barone, L. “Usability, training, and software – Understanding what investigators in the life sciences need most.” URSSI blog. 

2018 Barone, L. “Using mixed-mode survey administration to increase response.” EvaluATE blog.

2017 Barone, L., Williams, J., Micklos, D. Unmet needs for analyzing biological big data: A survey of 704 NSF principal investigators. PLoS Computational Biology 13(11): e1005858.  

2015 Barone, L.M. Museum studies and applied anthropology education. Practicing Anthropology 37(3): 32. 

2014 Barone, L.M., Petto, A.J., Campbell, B.C. Predictors of evolution acceptance in a museum population. Evolution: Education and Outreach 7(23): 1 – 11.

2014 Barone, L.M., Campbell, B.C.  Visitor opinions of human evolution in the Milwaukee Public Museum. Museums and Social Issues 9(2): 84 – 93.

2014 Barone, L., Buntin, M.  Human evolution acceptance among visitors to the  Milwaukee Public Museum. Informal Learning Review 124: 9 – 13. 

Current Projects

Public Health

Wisconsin Partnership Program, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Role: Evaluator (staff)

Science Education

New York City Virus Hunters: A Community Science Program. Funded by The Flu Lab. Awarded to: BioBus. Role: External Evaluator

Past Projects

DNA Barcoding

Barcode Long Island: Exploring Biodiversity in a Unique Urban Landscape. Funded by NIH-SEPA. Role: External Evaluator.

Citizen DNA Barcode Network: A Community-Based Infrastructure for Monitoring Biodiversity and Disease Vectors. Funded by NIH-SEPA. Role: External Evaluator.

Urban Barcode Project. Funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Thompson Family Foundation. Role: External Evaluator.

Urban Barcode Research Program. Funded by the Simons Foundation and the Pinkerton Foundation. Role: External Evaluator.

Implementing DNA Barcoding for Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences. Funded by NSF IUSE. Role: External Evaluator.

Biotechnology Education

Biotechnology in American High Schools: Then and Now. Funded by NSF-ATE (2017-2018 and 2018-2019). Role: co-PI and lead researcher.

International STEM Education

CSHL DNALC Beijing No. 166 High School International Collaboration. Role: External Evaluator.

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